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Trying to find the right words

Nov. 7th, 2034 05:42 pm tournament games #3504-present

For those of you who have been following my annotated games from afar, they will no longer be posted here. I will eventually be changing this date to one that's a long, long way away, just so that it will always be the top entry. Several of my friends use that trick as well. When I do so, I will delete everything in this paragraph other than the first sentence.

Many of my lj friends on here know this, but for those of you who aren't (by the way, thanks to those of you off-line folks who have thanked me in the past), you can find my games here:


Simply click on the little box to the left of each tournament, and then click on the "View Game" link on the far right. They should be available within a few days of the conclusion of each tournament that I play in, which is roughly one per month. Enjoy your gaming!

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Mar. 24th, 2013 01:28 pm oldening

This will be even more fun to look back at when I'm older, but I'll settle for just moderate fun right now:

Age W-L
16: 13-6 (.684)
17: 32-23 (.582)
18: 100-81 (.552)
19: 149-85 (.637)
20: 204.5-109.5 (.651)
21: 197-111 (.640)
22: 172.5-104.5 (.601)
23: 160-97 (.623)
24: 157-99 (.613)
25: 133.5-66.5 (.668)
26: 130.5-81.5 (.616)
27: 143-78 (.647)
28: 129-65 (.665)
29: 144.5-92.5 (.610)
30: 134.5-92.5 (.593)
31: 158.5-80.5 (.663)
32: 90.5-61.5 (.595)

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Feb. 10th, 2013 05:36 pm minding Nemo

Of the 215 Scrabble tournaments that I've registered for, I only failed to attend two of them due to weather. In fact, it had only happened once prior to this weekend, and contrary to the subject of this entry, I didn't mind the snowstorm all that much for these reasons:

1) I managed to get a full refund for my airline ticket
2) Ditto for the entry fee (I never got a refund for my other no-show, but I believe it's a director decision)
3) I didn't have to do any shoveling. Tony Plow does my parking lot, and my car was conveniently at my parents' house. I needed someone to move my car ahead of time regardless of whether or not I would get out of here in time, since our parking lot needed to be carless by the following morning.
4) It gave me ample time to work on Project Scrabboterica.

What's Project Scrabboterica, you ask? Basically a Scrabble project that will likely interest only the most data obsessed people such as myself, but I've gotten more help on it than I had expected. I started this yahoogroup just over a year ago:


Virtually no activity has taken place on there since ragaman cofounded the group, but I had a few members join, who may have already forgotten that they did so. I figured there would be no harm in advertising it on here, in case I get some unexpected lurker to discover it.

More recently, I've been asking for score submissions. redessence recently told me that he would be sending me scores, which I hope to eventually be able to add to cross-tables.com. In addition to that, I've been searching for every reference in every newsletter, be it the Scrabble News, Medleys, or Lee Cooper's tourney news, I can usually at least find a player or two who attended a tournament that is not yet credited for attending one. Ideally, I hope to at least know everyone who attended each tournament. Most tourneys throughout the early 1990s only have the top half standings from each division, since that was apparently all that the Matchups publication had room for. In certain instances, I receive some either handwritten or typed up standings by the director. The prehistoric cross-tables had no spreads, so it took a combo of standings and prehistoric cross-tables to make them look like today's version of them.

This may all sound outrageous, but I've had several players who had most or all of their game scores going back as far as 1981, including ragaman, Jim Kramer, Steve Oliger, Joel Horn, Louie Muller, and most recently Paul Epstein, who got me into this in the first place. Maybe I should get someone out there to sign the pointiest petitions of them all!

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Jan. 18th, 2013 08:36 pm The Nigel-meter (part 2)

Apologies for the delays on this. I got side-tracked on other stuff shortly after cross-tables came back up. I noticed at least one of you figure out your score already, but I'll make it easier for you with a few numbers on here. I'm usually hesitant to do things like this, but I'm pretty sure that nobody will be offended by saying that we are all worse than Nigel Richards. I couldn't have confirmed that a decade ago, or even five years ago, when Nigel had three consecutive worse than first finishes!

So here is the information that should make this at least relatively easy to calculate. Nigel has played in eight NSC's, winning 177 games. For those of you who played in every NSC since 2002 (not counting 2006 or 2007), simply divide your win total by 177. I missed the NSC in 2012, so for figuring out my score, Nigel's win total is 155, because I wasn't around for his 22 wins in 2013. (not that I would have made much of a difference) During that time, I won 127 games, so my score would be 127/155 = .819. However, in Collins only events, we both have 12 wins, and I have 67 more spread points! If that's not a bizarre stat, I don't know what is.

How about other notables? Here are all the players who have finished ahead of Nigel at least once. It's a pretty short list.

Joe Edley: 143/177 = .808
David Gibson: 81.5/87 = .937
John Luebkemann: 55/61 = .902
Joel Sherman: 74.5/83 = .898
Panupol Sujjayakorn: 94/108 = .870
Dave Wiegand: 155/177 = .876 (ironically, Dave's worst NSC was a Nigel-less one!)
Trey Wright: 75/83 = .904 (not including the wins from the finals)

This formula is by no means perfect, but it's a pretty decent indicator. My score is a notch below each of the above players except for Edley. We've both been stuck in the 16-19 win range ever since Nigel came along, although Joe's resume towered above mine from earlier Nationals. There may be some players who score just as well or better who have never finished ahead of Nigel. Hopefully this list grows in 2013!

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Jan. 14th, 2013 06:24 pm The Nigel-meter

The very short version of this post is, who is the second best Scrabble player right now? Of course, short versions such as that are better reserved for facebook or Twitter. I don't use the latter, and I use the former for other purposes, mainly to attempt eliciting something that passes as laughter. That's where old reliable live-journal comes in handy.

I came up with the idea of the Nigel-meter after watching a season of Baseball Tonight in which the Buehrle-meter was invented. Mark Buehrle had arguably the best fielding play of that season (on Opening Day!), and all subsequent defensive highlights would be measured up against Mark's play, and on a scale of 1-10, it usually topped out around an 8. To figure out how the Nigel-meter works, simply perform the following steps.

1. Figure out all the tourneys in which you and Nigel played in the same division. (For most of us, this will be only the Nationals, but you can include the WSC, Causeway, etc. if you wish)

2. Add up Nigel's number of wins from those events.

3. Add up your number of wins from those events.

4. Divide your win total by Nigel's win total. This is your score on the Nigel-meter.

By the way, I'm referring to Nigel Richards in this exercise, not nigelbo, although you can do it with anyone you want. I should mention that it will be much easier to calculate this when cross-tables.com is back up. Alas, I don't memorize those final standings the way I used to be able to.

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Jan. 8th, 2013 07:53 pm resurrection

There have been a few more signs of life on here lately. A few of my friends who haven't posted in a while have posted, and for the first time in a while, I had to scroll down a bit to get caught up. I was even considered an elite player by redessence in one of his recent entries!

By the way, there's nothing wrong with your screen. I have this weird obsession with slanty text. I know it's used in stories when the author thinks to himself. It also gets used in discharge letters. I'm obsessed with letters, but obviously not those kind. Maybe I just want it to stick out differently than your previous or next friend's journal entry.

I will attempt to be more active on here in 2013, and unlike last year, annotated games will be one of the few things NOT written about on here. I still do them, of course, but with a comment section available on the games themselves, having them on here seems redundant.

Things have been more than alright lately. As lousy as the 2012 Scrabble year went, going 29-11 in the final 40 games prevented it from being a really lousy year. I've been attending a game night almost every week, getting a refreshing dose of non-Scrabble games. For a long time, I used to have little interest in games that weren't as specialized and challenging as Scrabble, but with all the divisiveness in the community, I needed some other group to hang out with, and I'm finding it a nice little group to be with. I discovered it on meetup.com, and the meeting place is less than five minutes from where I live.

More to come in the coming weeks. Thank you for stopping by!

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Dec. 15th, 2012 05:50 pm 2012 Scrabble year in review

First, a look back at all previous installments, which include the first ten years before my lj account existed:

Year    W-L        SPR  FOR  AGN
1996:   4-3-0     +566  402  321
1997:  21-3-0    +1817  420  345
1998:  80-66-0   +2743  399  381
1999: 137-86-0   +7946  409  374
2000: 211-117-1  +9985  408  378
2001: 186-97-0  +10442  414  378
2002: 184-109-1  +8899  417  387
2003: 157-96-0   +6970  415  387
2004: 159-97-0   +7147  413  385
2005: 121-70-1   +6385  418  385
2006: 148-91-1   +6055  422  397
2007: 145-74-0   +8196  431  393
2008: 117-56-0   +5656  429  397
2009: 142-101-1  +6319  421  395
2010: 143-89-1   +5424  420  397
2011: 157-79-1   +9879  430  388

What happened to me this year?Collapse )

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Nov. 21st, 2012 03:55 pm That time of year

I feel the need to verify my existence every once in a while, so I might as well do it on the six year anniversary of this journal. It's sad that several of my friends have become friends. I'll still probably hang around until everyone has become a friend. The annual Scrabble recap of the year will be coming soon. I was pretty inactive this year, and also pretty ineffective. I could never seem to play well and draw well at the same time as often as usual.

This has been one of the less depressing Novembers in recent memory. I think late November and early December has become my new depressing period, mostly because two of my least favorite memories occurred during that time. Fortunately, I've had enough going on to distract myself from depression. Mental and physical help, game nights, and cross-table esoterica has been good for the soul.

Thanksgiving will be a multiway tie for the lowest attendance at the Mallick household, but for good reason. The rest of my family will be at the home of the newest Mallick who I've yet to meet. Her middle name is Elyse, which puts an end to the long streak of names beginning with consonants. Watch out for her in the 2025 NSSC, if not sooner. Maybe we'll all be using one lexicon by then.

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Oct. 18th, 2012 08:38 pm Cape Cod 2012

I like my chances, but this would be a little monotonous for a 15 round event.


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Sep. 6th, 2012 08:49 pm tournament games #3483-3503

I've marked the showcase games accordingly. Even some of the non-showcase games were pretty good.

Game 3483 vs. Neil Bines (showcase!)
Game 3484 vs. Lynn Cushman
Game 3485 vs. Cecilia Le (sad to see the wisemonkey username obsolete!)
Game 3486 vs. dianagram (showcase!)
Game 3487 vs. Jeremy Hall
Game 3488 vs. kangarau (showcase!)
Game 3489 vs. Samuel Moch
Game 3490 vs. Jan Cardia
Game 3491 vs. ftangredi
Game 3492 vs. Adam Townsend
Game 3493 vs. Larry Sherman (showcase!)
Game 3494 vs. Joe Weinike (showcase!)
Game 3495 vs. Jeremy Hall
Game 3496 vs. Jan Cardia (showcase!)
Game 3497 vs. Samuel Moch
Game 3498 vs. kangarau (showcase!)
Game 3499 vs. Joe Weinike (showcase!)
Game 3500 vs. Daniel Citron
Game 3501 vs. Aldo Cardia (showcase!)
Game 3502 vs. aegmnst (showcase!)
Game 3503 vs. sowpods (showcase!)

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