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Trying to find the right words

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25 March
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I am Joey Mallick, currently residing in the (only) single-syllable state of Maine, and working as a chart-man in the medical records department of a doctor's office. I have lived here since June of 1990, after spending the rest of my life in the Boston area. Since November of 1997, I have owned the #1 Scrabble ranking in Maine, but that is more due to my loneliness rather than my ability. For anyone Scrabble-illiterate who discovers me, my username is one of only two 8-letter words containing all the letters in MALLICK, with the other being CLAMLIKE. The 16 is how many points MILLCAKE is worth without any premium squares, and was smartly noted by someone else that I started tournament Scrabble at that age of 16. I love numbers, and was honored to be the inspiration of "Total Scrabble", which has all the stats anyone could ever care about (and not care about) in competitive Scrabble.